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Save and get the complete seven volume set of the Psycho-Aetheric Alchemy paperback series. The Psycho-Aetheric Alchemy series presents innovative new works utilizing esoteric symbol systems established in the Lightning Flash of Alef books, published between 2017 and 2023. This bundle includes:


Volume 1: Psycho-Aetheric Alchemy

Volume 2: Calling Forth the Aethers

Volume 3: Metcartagraph

Volume 4: Transfiguration of the Mind’s Eye

Volume 5: The Practice of Deep Vision

Volume 6: Passing Through the Dream Memrane

Volume 7: Blood of Space

Psycho-Aetheric Alchemy Set

$154.00 Regular Price
$144.00Sale Price

Domestic USA shipping: $11.69
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