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Transfiguration of the Mind’s Eye: Psycho-Aetheric Alchemy Volume 4

The Psycho-Aetheric Alchemy series presents innovative new works utilizing esoteric symbol systems established in the Lightning Flash of Alef books, published between 2017 and 2023. Transfiguration of the Mind’s Eye is a Kabbalistic analysis of the great work that summarizes major transitions on the tree of life through 5 configurations of sefirot. The main focus is on how keter shapes the tree by allowing Aur En Sof to pour through either encumbered by resistances (klipot) or unencumbered as the innate purity of reality. Since a working understanding of the sefirot is required to understand this distinction, this volume is best suited for those with a strong background in either Hermetic or Hebrew Kabbalah.


We have some slightly flawed books that we are selling at a discount. The books are beautifully printed but the trim is off. It does not affect the art or readability. 


Buyers in Europe can get the book at Cyclic Law.

Canadians can get the book at Anathema.

UK buyers can get the book at Watkins Books.

Also available at Amazon.

Transfiguration of the Mind’s Eye


• 6x9 Paperback

• 49 images

• 104 pages

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