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Calling Forth the Aethers: Psycho-Aetheric Alchemy Volume 2

The Psycho-Aetheric Alchemy series presents innovative new works utilizing esoteric symbol systems established in the Lightning Flash of Alef books, published between 2017 and 2023. Volume Two, Calling Forth the Aethers, is a kabbalistic treatise on the practice of gathering and envisioning subtle aetheric impulses. The text focuses on the theory that supports various forms of scrying, and serves as the basis for the method of esoteric cartography on display in the images accompanying the text.


Buyers in Europe can get the book at Cyclic Law.

Canadians can get the book at Anathema.

UK buyers can get the book at Watkins Books.

Also available at Amazon.

Calling Forth the Aethers


• 6x9 Paperback

• 46 images

• 96 pages

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