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The Headless Serpent Messiah

4 Zoom Classes on the Culmination of the Path

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“The Headless Serpent Messiah” is a title for the completion phase of contemplative inquiry. This Zoom course will examine the culmination of the path through the last 3 sections of the cartographic work called “The Long Scroll,” upon which 10 prior teachings were offered as videos on YouTube. Its themes are also expressed in the chapter of the same name in the recent book, “Black Aether” (pp. 143–155).  The culmination of the mystical process is among the most difficult topics for language to attempt to grapple with. Therefore, this will be a decidedly advanced and technical set of teachings. Included will be discussions on subjects such as: permutations of the nine chambers of keter, black aether as a register of luminosity, and the coalescence of the philosopher’s stone (in the form of the 8-cornered jewel). This course is for those interested in the most dense and arcane aspects of contemplative mysticism. Each Zoom class will be 1–2 hours in duration, with a Q&A session included at the end.  A PDF of relevant supplementary diagrams will be provided upon registration. Participants are strongly encouraged to prepare for the course by reading Shir 12 of “Black Aether” and watching all 10 of “The Long Scroll” videos before the course begins. 

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