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The Thirty-Two Keys deluxe all leather second edition consists of 70 exemplars, which have been signed and numbered. The book is bound in raven black genuine cowhide leather and blocked in gold metallic with a seal from the cards.


The Thirty-Two Keys, the 3rd volume from the Lightning Flash of Alef series, is a group of symbolic images that provide an overview of the non-emanationist interpretation of the Kabbalah based on sources that span eight centuries. The images support a set of contemplative exercises configured for a 288-day period and serve as an introduction to the greater path of mysticism in all its forms. Beyond its introductory role, The Thirty-Two Keys is a powerful tool for contemplation at any point on the path and is unique in the literature of the Western Esoteric Tradition. This second edition has profoundly refined the original material and extensively reworked both the text and the images to make the content clearer and more accessible than ever.


UK Buyers can get a deluxe at Watkins Books.

The Thirty-Two Keys (Second Edition Deluxe)

Only 1 left in stock

• Deluxe edition

• 8x10 hardcover book

• Genuine cowhide leather

• Smyth sewn

• Blocked in gold metallic

• Custom endpapers

• 40 images

• 212 pages

• Includes a deck of 32 contemplation cards

• Video course (not included)


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