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The Ibri Gate: Sacred Geometry as a Meditative Doorway

The Hebrew root of the word ibri means to “crossover” or “pass through.” The crossing that is dealt with in this book sits between ordinary perception and gnosis. A unique diagram is offered for use in meditation at this crucial intersection called The Ibri Gate. Many examples of this sacred image are provided. Practice with the geometry of the image allows the power of vision to dissolve conceptual networks on contact, to serve as a portal through the dense maze of psychological habits and reflexes. This passageway offers the practitioner a non-conceptual glimpse of the ground of all phenomena if the practice is accomplished correctly. The rare glimpses that arise can then be perfected over an entire lifetime.


Buyers in Europe can get the book at Cyclic Law.

Canadians can get the book at Anathema.

UK buyers can get the book at Watkins Books.

Also available at Amazon.

The Ibri Gate


• 6x9 Paperback

• 21 images

• 72 pages

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