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The Blazing Dew of Stars is a work born of living ecstatic mysticism, an artifact of the process in concrete form. This clothbound book contains essays, equations, seals, poetic transmissions, diagrams, fully worked drawings, and detailed instructions for highly structured meditative practices. It takes the reader deep within the kabbalistic process of iy’yun (ideational contemplation), which alchemically distills profound meaning from the unfolding of perception. Its outer dimensions are intellectual, but its inner life consists of subtle non-conceptual resonances (or 'aromas') which are unveiled layer after layer. This strips the chain of worlds of their coarse barriers, until the reification and division which fragments subject and object becomes nullified. The process isolates the 'dew' of gnostic realization, which accumulates as the distilled radiance of consummate wonder and astonishing beauty. As an authentic expression of this rare devotional path, The Blazing Dew of Stars stands alone as completely unique in an age where such things are practically unheard of.


Out of print but you can still get a copy at JD Holmes.

The Blazing Dew of Stars


• Clothbound hardcover book

• Matte finish dust jacket

• Smyth sewn

• Blocked in red metallic

• 12.625 in. x 12.625 in. 

• 138 pages 

• 14 full-page images 

• 29 vignettes

• 2 folding plate posters

• Published by Fulgur Limited in 2013

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