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Lightning Flash of Alef Volume 5: Quintessence of Secret Mercury 
Quintessence of Secret Mercury has three sections. The first describes the five aspects of a mental construct imbued with life force, known as a golem. In mystical contemplation, any mental construct can serve as a sacrificial offering to the essentiality that animates it, thereby forming a self-perpetuating sacrificial stream. The second section is a serial narrative of sixteen images called Tikkun of the Circle that comprises a mutus liber (wordless book). The third section presents a very special text (bearing the name of this volume) written in retreat over a ten-year period. It presents many of the major symbolic themes that are expressed in all seven volumes of the Lightning Flash of Alef series.


Buyers in Europe can get the the book at Cyclic Law.

Canadians can get the book at Anathema.

UK buyers can get the book at Watkins Books.

Also available at Amazon and at JD Holmes.

Quintessence of Secret Mercury


• 8x10 Clothbound hardcover book 
• Smyth sewn 
• Blocked in silver metallic 
• French fold dust jacket
• Custom endpapers
• 42 Images
• 1 folding plate poster

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