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Lightning Flash of Alef Volume 1: Deep Principles of Kabbalistic Alchemy

A kind of “mining operation” took place in 2016 that pulled highly charged symbolic constructs directly from the aethers. The material arose from the twilight of various states, and it merged with what had accumulated from over twenty prior years of esoteric exploration. Most of the symbols are based on the most traditional Kabbalistic structures, but they had been radically transmuted into entirely new registers of meaning. These innovations were collected in 2017, creating an interconnected web of words and images that served as the beginning of an entire working system.


Deep Principles of Kabbalistic Alchemy elaborates upon an array of symbols designed to guide the reader toward the ground of all phenomena, referred to as En (no) Sof (end) in kabbalah. The material is presented in clear yet esoteric terms, free from the common tendencies of psychologization, new-age dilution, and religious mythology. It is a rare opportunity for a deep consideration of profound mysteries that cannot be summarily addressed with conventional language and theoretical speculation, ultimately offering a living invitation into a rare and powerful style of mystical practice.


Out of print

Deep Principles of Kabbalistic Alchemy


• Clothbound hardcover

• Smyth sewn

• Blocked in red metallic

• French fold dust jacket 

• 8 in. x 10 in. 

• Custom endpapers

• 280 pages 

• 65 full-page images 

• 23 vignettes 

• 1 folding plate poster

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