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The Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis is the first book of its kind. It rigorously re-examines the first three chapters of the book of Genesis from a radical non-theistic position, completely removing the concept of a creator God. Despite this ‘heretical’ position, the book utilizes a traditionally precise kabbalistic vocabulary and structure. Previous works that have attempted to unpack the text invariably rely on theistic dogma and mythology. Smith's book is absolutely devoid of conventional religious ‘truth,’ and probes the ultimate mysteries using epistemological and ontological questioning from a base of gnostic realization. The Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis was previously only available to a small group of Smith’s students and close colleagues, but it is now apparent that this work is enormously important and had to be made available to a wider audience.


Out of print

Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis (First Edition)


• Paperback book

• 176 Pages

• 8.25 in. x 5.825 in. 

• Published by Daat Press in 2010 

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