Bath of Bright Silence, the 2nd volume in the Lightning Flash of Alef series, articulates a practice derived from the thirteenth-century Iyyun School of kabbalah called The 13 Phases of Tikkun Kadmon describing a contemplative method in which the practitioner immerses within the infinite bath of luminous silence. The immersion invites a diamond-like clarity shining beyond substance, dimension, and time — posing the alchemical key that unlocks appearance and awareness as a single magical continuum. 


Out of print

Bath of Bright Silence


• Clothbound hardcover

• Smyth sewn

• Blocked in metallic

• French fold dust jacket

• 6 in. x 9 in. 

• Custom endpapers

• 104 pages 

• 27 full-page images 

• 5 vignettes