VOLUME 3:  The Thirty-Two Keys (second edition/standard issue) is a group of symbolic images that provide an overview of the non-emanationist interpretation of the Kabbalah based on sources that span eight centuries. The images support a set of contemplative exercises configured for a 288-day period and serve as an introduction to the greater path of mysticism in all its forms. Beyond its introductory role, The Thirty-Two Keys is a powerful tool for contemplation at any point on the path and is absolutely unique in the literature of the Western Esoteric Tradition. This second edition has profoundly refined the original material and extensively reworked both the text and the images to make the content clearer and more accessible than ever.


VOLUME 5:  Quintessence of Secret Mercury, the fifth book in the Lightning Flash of Alef series, is an image-saturated expression of mystical surrender into the expanse of the infinite. The work contains a selection of highly unusual contemplative practices and prayers, a cycle of sixteen Kabbalistic drawings called Tikkun of the Circle, and a rare visionary text (bearing the title of the book) based on alchemical transmutation completed over the course of ten years.


VOLUME 6:  Black Aether: If we hold ourselves as separate observers of reality, we will never understand reality. Contemplative mysticism is like a wild beast that consumes itself upon the fires of its own life force. The labyrinth of impressions that constitute so-called “ordinary” life are incinerated whole as a single sacrificial offering as the mind confronts the endless expanse of its own confusions and pain. This becomes the great tikkun (repair) for a seemingly meaningless random universe based on cognitive error. Reality is then absorbed within the very space that presents it, familiarity passes into oblivion, and an astonishing secret nutrient becomes available to all those who seek it. 

3-5-6 Bundle